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Spring Ridge Landscape Committee

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The Spring Ridge Landscape Committee's duties are as follows:

  • Recommend and propose to the Board of Directors, signage and landscaping for the Spring Ridge Community common areas, specificically at the entrances to the community. 
  • Recommend to the Board of Directors, plantings and landscape devices to enhance the beauty of Spring Ridge Community common areas that are no or low maintenance.
  • Develop and present to the Board of Directors, a Comprehensive Five (5) Year Plan for landscape treatments in the Spring Ridge Community common areas.
  • Develop and present to the Board of Directors, a Long Range Landscape Plan (15-20 years), that uses vegetation and trees as natural sound and sight barriers for the community.

The Landscape Committee Members are:                                                                                                                                                

  • Chairperson:  Donna Riccobono-Schiller


The Landscape Committee Charter is available at the Spring Ridge Community Center.

Note:  The Board of Directors makes all final decisions regarding the community's common area landscaping.  Any questions or comments regarding the common area landscaping, landscaping contract or the landscaping contractor must be directed to Management or the Board of Directors at the Community Center.