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Frederick County Recycling—Important Update

In a few weeks, Frederick County’s recycling collection hauler will begin enforcing an important rule that has actually been in place, but rarely discussed. The hauler will not longer plastic bags with recyclables in them because the bags tangle at the sorting machine and stops the machine from working.

Co-mingled recycling items should be loose in the blue containers. The hauler is now instructed to only collect recyclable material and leave the rest. If there are plastic bags of recyclables they are instructed to leave them on the ground beside the container. If they leave material behind, please look for a service notice which will note the address and the reason items were not collected.

Please download the Recycling Flyers from www.springridgeonline.com for more details, or you may contact Frederick County Recycling at 301-600-2960 or visit

Yard Waste will continue to be handled and collected as is it is currently.