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Single Family/Townhouse Holiday Trash Schedule

Just as a reminder:  Ecology Services (Single Family/Townhouse Trash contractor) observes the following         holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  On these main six holidays, trash will be collected on the next regularly scheduled pick-up day.

No other holidays are observed.

Deer Resistant Plants

Many Spring Ridge owners have asked for more information regarding deer-resistant plants, trees, vines and flowers. A partial listing is below, but the website link also listed below has a plethora of additional information.  (Note:  No plant is entirely “deer resistant”, as deer will eat anything if they cannot find other food sources.)

“Deer-Resistant” Landscape Plants
The following is an incomplete list of “deer-resistant” plants or plants that deer don’t normally prefer to eat. People experiencing deer browse damage to their landscape plantings may consider planting some of the species on this list as alternatives to plants that deer prefer and often damage. No plants are totally resistant to deer browsing, as really hungry deer will eat plants they don’t prefer. Your local Maryland Cooperative Extension Service office can supply a complete list of unpalatable plant species for use as landscaping. Here is the link for their website http://extension.umd.edu/publications/PDFs/FS655.pdf

Allegheny Serviceberry - Bottlebrush Buckeye – Chinese Paper Birch – Colorado Blue Spruce – Douglas Fir - Downey Serviceberry – Shadbush –- Heritage Birch – Japanese False cypress – Japanese Cedar – Dragon Lady Holly – San Jose Holly – Douglas Fir - Paper Birch – European White Birch Flowering Dogwood – Korean Dogwood - Japanese Flowering Cherry – English Hawthorne – European Beech – Honey Locust - Norway Spruce – White Spruce - Austrian Pine Douglas Fir – American Holly - Sassafras – Shadbush - Pitch Pine - Red Pine Mugo Pine - Scotch Pine

Shrubs And Vines

Barberry - Common Barberry - Paw paw – Common Boxwood – Russian Olive –– American Bittersweet – Red Osier Dogwood - Rose of Sharon – Drooping Leucohthoe – European Privet – Buckthorn – Creeping Wintergreen - Caryopteris – Japanese Wisteria – Blueberry Elder - Shallon – Japanese Plum-Yew –- Downy Serviceberry – Allegheny Serviceberry – Mountain Laurel – Chinese Holly - Forsythias – Spicebush –

Flowers And Ferns
Marigold – Coneflower – Dame’s Rocket – Toadflax – Lavender – Daffodil – Hyacinth Royal Fern – Sensitive Fern – Wood Fern – Sage – Thyme – Yucca – Tansy – Buttercup - Scented Geranium - Oriental Poppy – Flowering Tobacco – Rose Champion – Sweet Alyssum Yarrow – Columbine – Monkshood – Snapdragon – Jack-in-the-pulpit – Snakeroot – Larkspur – Lily-of-the-Valley Bleeding Heart – Foxglove – Stella d’Oro   Daylilly – Mint – Lupine -Zinnias