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    The Spring Ridge Conservancy Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, November 5th at 7pm at the Spring Ridge Visitor Center.

    Quorum must be achieved for the meeting to take place. Quorum is required by Maryland law and is the number of homeowners that attend the meeting in person or who submit a signed Proxy.

    Electronic Proxies will be used for Quorum only. The Electronic Proxy link is below.

    Paper Proxies signed over to Management will be used for quorum only. Management cannot use a proxy to cast a vote on behalf of homeowners.

    If you are not attending the meeting in person, in order for your ballot to count, you must sign proxy with your ballot over to another homeowner or Board Member attending the meeting in person. Proxies and ballots must be brought to the visitor center. Copies of proxies and ballots can be download below. Hard copies of proxies and ballots can also be obtained at the visitor center.

    In the links below you can also find the meeting agenda and the proposed 2021 budget. There will be no increase in assessment for 2021.

    Conservancy Proposed 2021 Budget

    2020 Ballot

    2020 Paper Proxy

    Agenda – Homeowner 2020

    Electronic Proxy

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