• Board Of Directors
  • Board Of Directors

  • The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Spring Ridge Conservancy by enforcing the Declaration Of Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions.

    Email the board  board@springridgeonline.com

  • Board Members

  • President:   Vice President Secretary:   Treasurer: Member At-Large:
    April Rashell Karen Ritter Fred Schumacher Michael Casagrande Marie Ayton
  • 2020 Meeting Schedule

  • January 21 July 21
    February 18 August 18
    March 17 September 15
    April 21 October 20
    May 19 November 5 (Annual Meeting)
    June 16 December 15
  • All meetings are held at 7pm at the Visitor Center. Dates and times are subject to change.

    The Board encourages all homeowners to attend meetings to express concerns, share ideas and learn about your community.