• Neighborhood Watch
  • Neighborhood Watch

  • Neighborhood Watch Coordinator:  Brian Stakes, springridgenw@yahoo.com 

    • Be the "eyes & ears" on your street to pass information out to your neighbors as well as relate concerns of your neighbors to the Coordinators. We do not ask you to "spy" on your neighbors but be watchful of things happening on your street and community.
    • Exchange basic info (home phone & emails) among your neighbors on your street. Get to know your neighbors; let them know you are their Block Captain.
    • If you are going away, get a backup Captain and let the Coordinators know.
    • Report any unusual or suspicious activities to the Sheriff's Office. Don't hesitate to call and encourage your neighbors to call.

    The Spring Ridge Neighborhood Watch Committee is a networking committee merely keeping our community connected through neighbors via email and phone.  This committee is the eyes & ears of the neighborhood by keeping aware of what is happening in and around Spring Ridge.  Members share info to the chairperson which is then passed along to the committee.  This is not a policing group, but neighbors merely staying aware of what is happening in our neighborhood to keep our children safe and letting our neighbors know of potential dangers happening. If you are interested in joining this confidential email group, please contact Brian Stakes who's contact information is listed at the top of this page.