• PMP,Inc.
  • PMP,Inc.

  • We provide condominium & home owner management for over 30,000 units. Professionally designated as an AAMC company. We continually educate our managers to keep them current in the world of community management.

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     Re-Sale Package Information:  www.condocerts.com 

    92 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 170  9090 Ridgefield Drive
    Frederick, MD 21702 Frederick, MD 21701
    PHONE: 301-694-6900 PHONE: 301-620-0782
    FAX: 301-694-9514 FAX: 301-620-2621
  • Assessments:

    Rachel Beall
    Email: rachel.beall@pmpbiz.com 
    Spring Ridge Conservancy, Inc.
    Hampton Court Condominium
    Hampton Court II Condominium
    Spring Ridge Condominium (Residential)
    Spring Ridge Condominium, Inc. (Professional Park)