• Pool Policy for 2021

    We are looking forward to opening our pool for the 2021 season. We will be opening with no capacity or social distancing restrictions per the governor’s guidelines. However, as we begin the season, we are limiting guests to only 2 per household from our May opening through July 6th at which time, we will increase guests to the normal amount of 6 per household per day.

    We are instituting no guests on holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) as our capacity during the holidays has always been over the limit for those days. We also are not allowing the pool to be reserved this year for additional parties.

    However, our Pool committee will be hosting some fun events throughout the season beginning in June. We are not having a traditional Memorial Day party this year but are planning for a larger event to celebrate the end of the school year.

    There have been questions about the splash park. We are still going to install the splash park, but because of permitting and then supply chain issues with manufacturers, we are not going to have it ready for this pool season.

    However, we have done extensive work to the facility that we are excited for the community to see and enjoy. The splash park will break ground in the fall and be ready for 2022.

    Lastly, it is VITALLY important that if you intend to use the pool this year that you take the steps to update your pass information into our new pool pass system. It can take up to 48 business hours for the pass information to be approved which means if you want to come to the pool at the opening on the 28th – you should plan to have your pass information in the system by the 25th.

    Make sure you and your family’s information within the new system is accurate and complete. All homeowners must be current on the HOA dues to access the pool. NO RESIDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT AN UPDATED PASS. Old passes are invalid.

    The pass system is completely digital. You will simply need to give your name to the lifeguard checking in. Guest passes are also digital. Each household has already been assigned 10 free passes so no need to come to the office for a blue card. If you have any issues or any errors with uploading your information, please call the office and speak with Sarah. She will be happy to help. With any new system there are bugs, but the management staff are working to fix them.

    This update to the pool pass system ties into a larger portal system on a new website which will house our covenants and other important documents. It will also allow us to send push notifications to the community. The app and website are still in their beta testing phases. We anticipate the release of the app and website in late June.

    Please head to our current website springridgeonline.com for detailed information on updating your pool passes.

    Thank you and we are looking forward to a successful 2021 pool season!

    Pool Hour Schedule for the 2021 season

    Note that, pool furniture used by patrons will have to be cleaned by patrons before usage. Cleaning stations with cleaning products will be available to patrons in different areas of the pool to be used to clean the furniture.

    Pool days/hours

    May 28, 4pm-9pm
    May 29, 11am-9pm
    May 30, 11am-8pm
    Memorial Day (May 31) 11am-8pm

    June 1-3, 4pm-8pm
    June 4, 4pm-9pm
    June 5, 11am-9pm
    June 6, 11am-8pm
    June 7-10, 4pm-8pm
    June 11, 4pm-9pm
    June 12, 11am-9pm
    June 13, 11am-8pm
    June 14-17, 4pm-8pm
    June 18-19, 11am-9pm
    June 20-24, 11am-8pm
    June 25-26, 11am-9pm
    June 27-30, 11am-8pm

    July 1, 11am-8pm
    July 2-3, 11am-9pm
    Independence Day (July 4), 11am-6pm
    July 5-8, 11am-8pm
    July 9-10, 11am-9pm
    July 11-15, 11am-8pm
    July 16-17, 11am-9pm
    July 18-22, 11am-8pm
    July 23-24, 11am-9pm
    July 25-29, 11am-8pm
    July 30-31, 11am-9pm

    Aug. 1-5, 11am-8pm
    Aug. 6-7, 11am-9pm
    Aug. 8-12, 11am-8pm
    Aug. 13-14, 11am-9pm
    Aug. 15-17, 11am-8pm
    Aug. 18-19, 4pm-8pm
    Aug. 20, 4pm-9pm
    Aug. 21, 11am-9pm
    Aug. 22, 11am-8pm
    Aug. 23-26, 4pm-8pm
    Aug. 27, 4pm-9pm
    Aug. 28, 11am-9pm
    Aug. 29, 11am-8pm
    Aug. 30-31, 4pm-8pm

    Sept. 1-2, 4pm-8pm
    Sept. 3, 4pm-9pm
    Sept. 4, 11am-9pm
    Sept. 5, 11am-8pm
    Sept. 6 (Labor Day), 11am-8pm

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