• Spring is Here! Time for Property Maintenance
  • After a long, cold winter, spring is an excellent time to get outside and address some maintenance issues that can make a big difference for your home and the overall look of the property.  Here are some necessary maintenance items that we have observed in the Spring Ridge Community that require homeowner’s attention:

    Fences: Wood fences do not last forever. We have seen fences that have been installed over 15 years ago or more and now are in great need of replacement or repair. This is especially true in the case of split rail fences. If this is your case you should repair or replace the fence. Remember, if your fence is being held up only by the wire – it is time to replace it.

    Grass/weeds: A well-manicured lawn makes a big difference in the look of your home. A good lawn starts with proper seeding, weed removal, and regular grass mowing and edging. Make sure to trim around the foundation of the house, mailbox, trees, flower beds, etc.  Grass and weeds growing on cracks of sidewalks, driveways and in particular on the curbside areas give a very unkempt look to your property. We have seen weeds/grass growing up to a foot near the curbside area in front of some homes in Spring Ridge. A little bit of Round Up once every 3 months applied in some of these spots would greatly improve the appearance of your home.

    Exterior painting and replacement of rotten wood trim: A coat of paint on the exterior trim of your home is one of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh, well-maintained appearance for little investment. If you have some rotten wood trim make sure to repair it properly. We advise you to replace the wood with the new paintable, low maintenance PVC trim. It is maintenance free and it can last for a long time.

    Flower beds/gardens: Any vegetable gardens and flower beds around the house should be cleaned of dead plant materials and weeds at all times. Now is a good time to trim the bushes to promote growth.

    Tree trimming: A lot of front yard trees have branches growing on the sidewalks due to the growth throughout the previous summer.  Tree branches should be trimmed away from sidewalks in order to not impede passage.

    Remember Spring Ridge offers Yard waste removal every Wednesday through January 2019. And, the first thing most people see is the front yard of your home and so we advise you to keep it clean, to keep it maintained.

    Diana Paul
    Author: Diana Paul