• Sustainability Committee
  • Omari Patterson, President
    Kendall Klosky, Green Ambassador
    Catherine McKalip-Thompson, Volunteer
    Steve Bruns, Volunteer

    The charts below, show the kinds of financial incentives, tax credits, and utility rebates available to homeowners who improve their home's energy efficiency through weatherization, insulation, and the installation of renewable energy systems.  The data was prepared by representatives of STEP-UP, the Small Town Energy Project of University Park, located in Prince Georges County. 

    State, federal and Pepco incentives, as shown, are available to residents of Spring Ridge.  Property tax incentives are available to Prince Georges residents and not to residents of Frederick County.  Incentives shown for University Park (STEP-UP) residents are, likewise, unavailable to Spring Ridge homeowners.

    Energy Efficiency Incentives

    Renewable Energy Incentives