• Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Wild Life Sanctuary


    The Spring Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the many unique aspects of our community. Residents should take advantage of this area. The sanctuary, surrounded on three sides by fresh water creeks, provides a haven for wildlife and many species of plants.

    The 1.4 mile trail around the sanctuary is an excellent route for keeping in shape, while enjoying the 38 acres of meadows, woodlands and open space. Your stroll can also be educational as signs along the way supply information about the trail and the wildlife that inhabits the area.

    Please keep in mind that this is a nature preserve. While we want Spring Ridge residents to use and enjoy the space, we also want the sanctuary to remain a beautiful, clean area for the animals that live there. Remember, walk only on the marked pathway and dispose of all trash properly.

    The Spring Ridge Visitor Center has a brochure that further details the sanctuary and provides a clear map to guide you through the sanctuary. Take advantage of this preserve that is here for all of us to enjoy!