• Winter Weather Guidelines
  • Here are some of the snow removal guidelines for the 2019-2020 season. 


    Single Family Homes

    All streets are maintained and plowed by Frederick County including Spring Ridge Parkway and Ridgefield Drive. All sidewalks in the single-family neighborhoods are to be shoveled by the homeowner/resident.


    Town Homes and Condos

    In a snow/sleet storm, if accumulation is less than 2″, the contractor is to apply chemicals to the common sidewalks and roads.  If total snow/sleet accumulation is 2-4″, the contractor is to begin plowing only after 2″ has actually accumulated on the roadways.  The chemical application will begin with the parking areas and private roads, followed by common sidewalks.  In a big snowstorm, the contractor will plow to open up the private roads.  However, most of the detailed snow removal work will not take place until after the snow has finished falling.  The asphalt walking path will be shoveled to the school.  However, at the corner of Ridgefield Drive, only one side of the street will be shoveled to the school.  The side that seems better to shovel is the Visitor Center side since the school itself doesn’t shovel their own path on Ridgefield Drive. There are safe cross-overs in front of the school. (Management will remain flexible on these issues as the needs change in the community.)


    Town Homes

    One or two parking spots in the overflow lots should be used for snow piles. CONTRACTORS ARE NOT TO CLEAR OUT INDIVIDUAL PARKING SPOTS FOR RESIDENTS WHO MOVE THEIR VEHICLES FOR SUCH SERVICE. If multiple spots are empty at the time the plows are there, the contractor may clear them.  Please don’t shovel snow from around your vehicle and throw it back into the street or on the sidewalk.  The snow should be placed in your yard, out of the way, not in the street and not on the sidewalks.  If snow accumulation is over 4″, the same treatment will be applied as described above, and careful attention will be kept to the location of snow piles. Areas to be specifically avoided are mailboxes, fire hydrants, and bus stops.  Once accumulation reaches 4″ or more, walking paths are to be cleared (one snowblower path) near the end of the storm.  As always, residents should use caution at all times.  The contractor can’t be everywhere for every weather event.  Please remember to NEVER use rock salt on any sidewalk or concrete surface.  Rock salt severely damages concrete. Please do not use it.


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